Freelance Video Editor Sydney

Experience as a Video Editor

I’ve worked hard over a number of years to develop my video editing skills, to serve the variety of forms that video production can take. As an editor, unlike other areas of video production, you’ve got to be ready for the variety of different forms and styles and deliver on these. I have had the fortune of working on all kinds of edits – from a 90-minute feature documentary about plastic pollution to 30 second social media cuts, there’s scarcely an area I don’t have experience in. Working to a brief, or even given free-reign I can deliver.


Video Production Background

With a background as a videographer, producer and camera operator, I have valuable insight into the key elements of the video production process. This has enabled me to thrive as a highly efficient and affective video editor. Storytelling forms the base of what editors are trying to do. Video, music, sound, and whatever other special effects you want to sprinkle on top. If when we combine these elements something doesn’t serve the story, it probably shouldn’t be there.